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Dave Jewitt

A headshot photo of Dave Jewitt wearing a dark sportsjacket and a dark blue button up shirt.

Dave has coached thousands of individuals over the past two decades, aging from 16 to 75 years of age. His extensive background in business, leadership/personal development, and helping people grow in their faith, has well-prepared him for the One Degree ministry. He and his wife, Janice, enjoy spending time with their two sons and daughters-in-law, and many friends in the Tulsa area. They also enjoy hosting Couple's Retreats and coaching couples through Your One Degree.


It is his wish that a generation from now there will be tens of thousands of Christ-followers that clearly understand how God has designed and developed them. After having become master stewards of their DESIGN, they will bring maximum impact and blessing to the world around them, while finding the greatest possible personal fulfillment.

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