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For many, going on a journey is a fun experience, even when you don't know where you are heading. On this journey, however, you will not be alone. From the moment you start the process. We are there to guide you along the way. Together, we utilize our Your One Degree workbook, designed to challenge and enlighten you. Throughout the process, we will discuss key moments in your life, qualities, and attributes to bring awareness to your purpose and resolve questions you have been asking yourself.

Taking the First Step


You have learned how Your One Degree can benefit you in so many surprising ways. But it starts with you.


If you are ready to embrace a life-changing journey, we are ready to help you.


If you are at a point in your life where you are searching for focus, clarity, and understanding, we can help you discover it.


If you have the desire for change and are open to understand what God has prepared for you, we are here to help shine that light.


But it starts with you. And now is the time to take the first step.

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