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What is Your One Degree?


Your One Degree is a one-on-one coaching relationship that guides you through a series of exercises to help you discover and live in your unique DESIGN (the way God created you to be).


Your One Degree was created by Dave Jewitt with the help of some of his friends and colleagues, and it has been evolving since 1980. Your One Degree reaches across 8 different countries and has been translated into 4 languages.


This is a multi-step process, utilizing a Workbook your coach will help you with. Together, you will take a journey to learn your strengths, your passions and give you the confidence you need to recognize what God has in store for you.


Your One Degree will help create a sense of optimism and empower you to live to your true potential.


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How did Your One Degree Get Started?


When he moved into his 40's, Dave Jewitt started to question  himself and others about direction, focus, and having clarity about how to best use/steward who they were. He discovered that men have a huge need for perspective on their life. Many didn't seem to be on a trajectory to "finish well." They still didn't really know who they were or exactly what God wanted them to do on a daily basis.


Dave needed answers and started looking for resources and processes which helped him find answers. Others were starting to help people with these issues and he learned from them what they did, then developed some approaches that helped and fit how he processed information. His focus over the years was not to provide lots of new information but to actually help a person move from point "A" to a better point "B" in their daily life.

Your One Degree - Who is it for?


There are many crossroads that occur in a person's life but you don't have to feel lost. With the help of Your One Degree and our thought-provoking workbook, we will encourage you to understand your strengths, your weaknesses, garner confidence, reinforce your faith and discover your true potential. Your One Degree is perfect for men, women, couples, younger adults, empty-nesters, and people with leadership qualities.


Your One Degree is not for everyone. This will challenge you in many ways. The quest for your personal truth, clarity, and perspective requires determination, persistence, and honesty. But if you are truly ready to change your life for the better, we are ready to help.


 In return, you will develop an effective tool you can use the rest of your life. You will reach a lever of greater impact, meaning, and satisfaction.

Your One Degree Leaders

A headshot photo of Dave Jewitt wearing a dark sportsjacket and a dark blue button up shirt.

Dave Jewitt


Dave Jewitt has an extensive background in business, leadership, and personal development, and helping people grow in their faith.


Both inside and outside the workplace, Dave Jewitt has consistently functioned as a mentor and guide for thousands of individuals over the past 30 years.

A headshot photo of Dr. Patrick Calhoun,  wearing a olive green sportsjacket and a dark blue button up shirt.

Dr. Patrick Calhoun


Pat Calhoun earned a Ph.D. in occupational education from Oklahoma State University and enjoys teaching adults. Today Pat is an adjunct professor in the schools of business and criminal justice for several universities. Pat also serves as a coach with Your One Degree. He has traveled around the globe leading workshops and certifying coaches.


In his free time, Pat enjoys hunting, teaching apologetics, and scuba diving with sharks.

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