Your One Degree is all about helping you identify your unique DESIGN. We have developed time-tested methods for Couples, Men, Women, College Students, Military Personnel, Athletes and Executives. While you may see common threads in our methods, we are able to focus on certain aspects that are unique to each category above.

Whether in a smaller setting of a workshop or a larger seminar setting, our laser-like focus can help boost your understanding of what makes your DESIGN unique and help create a successful path in your journey.

How can a Workshop Help You with Your One Degree?

•  Workshops are a fun, collaborative, 6-week sessions lasting about 2 hours each week.

•  Being a part of a small, intimate group can help some people feel like they share common concerns, hopes and dreams.

•  Your One Degree coach makes everyone in the small group feel included and comfortable.

•  For convenience, workshops can be conducted on location or online.

•  Your One Degree Workbooks and materials are included.

A Your One Degree coach, wearing a blue sportsjacket, discusses the program to a room full of people.

Your One Degree can have a tremendous impact on your life in so many ways. Listen to this testimonial and hear how Your One Degree made an impact on them.

Couples Retreats

•  On occasion, Your One Degree will conduct various special events, lasting from 2 - 3 days.

•  These are typically held in an intimate setting, away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

•  These events are designed to enlighten and inspire you and are often considered a very memorable experience.

•  Cost for the 2 day local retreat is only $200 per couple and includes retreat materials.

•  Cost for the 3 day Lake retreats is only $400 for couples and covers lodging, meals and retreat materials.

•  To learn more or to register, click HERE.

A stone bridge over an inviting waterway, leads up to a home nestled in the woods that hold a Your One Degree Couple's Retreat.

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