The Importance of Your One Degree Coaching

Life is complicated and we could all use a helping hand from time-to-time. A qualified coach from Your One Degree will be that person you can trust. You will lean on your coach who will remain by your side as you discover your true purpose in life.


Your One Degree is a coaching relationship that guides you through a series of exercises to help you discover and live in your unique DESIGN (the way God created you to be). Over the last two decades, we’ve refined this process, and helped thousands of individuals live a life of Focus, Fulfillment and Freedom.

A coach from Your One Degree discusses a workbook exercise with a participant.

Coaches Help Guide You on Your Personal Journey

The road to discovery doesn't have to be a lonely one. With the help of a qualified Your One Degree coach, you will be guided along your personal journey and provided insight, perspective, direction, accountability, and encouragement. No one reaches their full potential without a coach.


Your coach will be someone who has gone through Your One Degree and understands the process on a personal level. Acting as your personal guide, they will help you discover your strengths, your passions and give you the confidence you need to recognize what God has in store for you.

Great Results Start with Great Coaches

Each of the coaches for Your One Degree have been certified & approved. Since they have gone through the program themselves, they have that important, personal connection. We have a great team of coaches and we will set you up with someone you can trust and who will understand you.


Click on email link below, tell us something about yourself and we will connect you to your personal coach from Your One Degree.

A male Your One Degree coach in a blue button-up shirt.
A femal Your One Degree coach in a dark blue blouse.
A male Your One Degree coach in a sky blue polo shirt.

Get Started!

•  There is no better time than right now to discover your true potential.


•  Working with a coach will provide the insight, perspective, direction, accountability and encouragement you need to move forward in your life.


•  The people who gain the most from Your One Degree are those looking for a better life, not just a better job. Your personal Coach will guide you through this process, teaching you how to focus your life, make better decisions, and move away from situations that are not productive.

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